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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Super Mario Nursery FINISHED!

I promised to share things that make me silly happy... well this one is a BIG ONE!

Over a year ago, after finding out that we were expecting a baby dork, and before we knew she was a girl, my better half and I decided that we were going to have a Super Mario Brothers Nursery. We had no idea how much of an endeavor this would be. At the time this decision was made, we didn't even know where we would be living (own a house or renting an apartment) much less which room would be the nursery.
As soon as we closed on the house, we got busy on the design of this room FIRST. It was fairly easy since the ideas had been swimming in our heads for months already. And, yes - the total nerd that I am, I used Excel to interior design our nursery :P

Having never really designed a room in this much detail, and me being 7 months pregnant at move-in time made things quite interesting. We started with an extremely blank slate, considering our expected result.
The nursery when we closed on the house.
After many months, countless 'small projects', and a mile long list of 'honey do's (prego's can't paint/lift/etc.), we have finally completed* the nursery. There were a few aspects that were altered from the original design, and a couple of functionality additions that were necessary to use the space as a nursery, but all in all we brought our design to life. Micah loves it, and our future dork babies will too!

*As any DIY dork will tell you, nothing is ever truly 'finished'... there's always more to expand upon, and there is always one more tweak that could make it better. In this case, we found ourselves drowning in toys (a 9 month old at Christmastime, and a birthday around the corner), so we have built a treasure toy chest. It is not yet finished, but I sure will give an update when it is!!


For anyone interested (because if you're reading this, you must be a dork too) in how we made ANYTHING in this room, please visit us at MomoCon 2012. We will be holding a panel on the creation of room, step by step, answering Dork DIY FAQ's - please help us by posting your questions below as comments. We will address all online questions during our panel, and we will respond online after Momocon.
We will also be giving a SNEAK PEEK on our upcoming room transformation, so be sure to attend!


  1. I have been SO EXCITED about the completion of this room, that I made a new addition... a boo pillow. Super easy and practically free (I only used material I already had on hand). See how at our panel at Momocon 2012!

  2. Some photo links are broken and I absolutely love this idea and would love to see more!!